Moment - DayChaser Camera Pack - 35L - Blue

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Introducing…the DayChaser by Emmett Sparling. Rugged, comfortable, and built with military-grade performance. It’s the best traveling camera bag we’ve ever used.

The DayChaser brings years of travel photography experience into a single backpack. It starts with a custom harness for the most comfortable experience, even when completely full. It includes unlimited configurations so you can pack anything (cameras, clothes, water, etc) in any combination you want. While leaving room for the daily essentials you need when traveling.

Fully Customisable Camera Compartment

This padded compartment will fit all your camera gear and even your drone. The dividers attach to the sides of the bag with a hook-and-loop system and can be moved around to conform to your gear.

Handles Everywhere

Handles, we take the for granted, but they are so essential for the user experience of a backpack. Yeah, the bag will be on your back most of the time, but every time you need to handle it, pick itup, put it down, stow it in an overhead compartment, you name it, those rugged padded handles all around the sides and the top will come in super handy.

Laptop Pocket

The side access, fully padded laptop sleeve fits up to a 16" Macbook Pro and will keep it safe and secure. You can easily get to it by unzipping the pocket when you need to do some quick work or you are going through the security check at the airport.

Front Flap

The flap serves a dual purpose. It protects the valuables in the compartment underneath it from theft and it can hold all those oversized items that you cannot fit in the bag. Talking about an extra larger jacket, blanket, tent, sleeping bag, which you might need in the outdoors.

Side Access

That moment is fleeting and you gotta get to your camera fast! The side access on the DayChaser lets you grab your camera in seconds so you'll never miss a shot.

Oversized Side Pocket

The side water bottle pocket with stabilising strap fits a water bottle and tripod at the same time.

Top Valuables Pouch

You always wanna keep your valuables close to you and out of harm's way. The top pouch closest to your body on the DayChaser is for phones, hard drives, and other stuff that you wanna near and safe.

Shoulder Strap Attachment Points

If you wanna carry your camera on the outside of the bag, we've got you covered. The shoulder strap is designed to accommodate your favourite camera clip.

Daily Essentials Compartment

The DayChaser is much more than just a camera bag. It was designed with travel in mind. That means that we've thought of you having other items with you alongside your camera gear. The top big compartment will fit your daily everyday essentials, and if you are one of those over-packers like we are, this compartment is expandable

Pockets For Smaller Items

Little things matter especially SD cards and those little valuable items that can get lost easily. Small pockets inside the camera compartment will help to keep these organized, and a big zippered pocket for gels and documents.

Quick Access Pouch

On the very front of the DayChaser, we included a Quick Access Pouch for all the smaller items you use all the time and will be putting them in and out of your bag all the time. Think sunglasses, pens, charging cables, travel documents, and of course snacks.

Reinforced Bottom

For most of its life, your bag will be on the ground sitting somewhere, and not on your back. So we reinforce the bottom of it to make it endure wear and tear.

Rugged Construction

We designed this bag to be your companion through thick and thin. Made from super rugged DWR-impregnated 500D KODRA fabric with a double-layer waterproof backing. In other words, you won't need to baby it.

Military Grade Harness

It starts with the harness…delivering performance, comfort, and proper weight distribution. The whole system is designed to distribute the weight of the bag evenly to spare your shoulders and back. This is especially useful with a full pack.

Waist Belt

The Waist Belt is designed to take the load off your shoulders when the bag is heavily packed. If you're going light, you can remove it at any time to go minimal.

Ergonomic Shoulder Straps

Curved and shaped, and cushily padded ergonomic shoulder straps designed to keep weight off your neckline and transfer it to your hips. Lined with 3D spacer mesh to provide ventilation and prevent chafing.

4 Points Of Adjustment

Getting your bag to sit just right on your back has never been easier. With 4 points of adjustment, the DayChaser will be balanced and comfortable no matter how you stuff it out.

Sternum Strap

The sternum strap is a key element of the system helping to keep the shoulder straps in the right place.


All those other camera bags look like a camera bag presenting a juicy payday for thieves. The DayChaser is going for the “don’t steal me” offering more of an outdoor travel bag vibe rather than a tech bag look.


- 4-points of Adjustment
-Channeled Back Panel
- Spacer Mesh for Best Airflow
- Full Frame, Military Grade Harness
- Full-Size Hip Belt
- Custom Foam Packages
- Spacer Mesh (avoids chafing)
- Super Rugged - DWR impregnated 500D KODRA main fabric with a double layer waterproof backing
- Light Weight
- Fast Side Access
- Laptop Protection
- Buckle Secured Flap
- Oversized Water Bottle Pockets
- Tripod Stabilising Strap

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